YUNMAI Mini Smart Fat Scales-39.95 $

YUNMAI Mini Smart Fat Scales-39.95 $

YUNMAI 1501 Mini Smart Fat Scales Bluetooth 4.0 APP Control BMI Data Analysis Weighing ToolBrief IntroductionThe…

YUNMAI 1501 Mini Smart Fat Scales Bluetooth 4.0 APP Control BMI Data Analysis Weighing ToolBrief IntroductionThe YUNMAI 1501 Mini Smart Fat Scales is not your ordinary bathroom scale as it can quickly and easily measure weight, body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass using BIA Technology. This scale is perfect for individuals who are serious about taking control of their health. The precise scale stores up to 16 Groups of User Information. You and your family are deserve to own it.Main Features• Smart Bluetooth 4.0 fat scales BMI data acquisition for daily use.• Measurement Items BIA biological resistance measurement method to accurately measure the body weight, BMI, fat, muscle, bone mass, water, metabolic rate, body weight, visceral fat, physical age, visceral fat, protein, etc.• 4 Pressure Sensor Body data acquisition sensor can help you more accurate data analysis.• Multi Health Data Provide you with a more scientific and intuitive health advice reference.• User-friendly LCD Design Clear 3.3 inches LCD screen, applicable to anyone reading preferences, easy to be seen even in the dark night.• Health Guidance Professional health exercise, diet, programs targeted push guidance, tell you how to achieve the goal you want. • Intelligent Identification The scale can identify smartly of who you are, according to the recorded information.• Sharing You can share your experience anytime, anywhere.• Accurate and Stable Equipped with four ultra-sensitive detection sensor, accurate data to help you insight into the subtle changes in the body clearly.• Auto zero resetting and auto off functions are available.• Cloud data storage, and never lost, gives you a long-term body index analysis.• Powered by 4 x AAA battery (included).• Weighting from 3 — 150kg.• You can download the App by scanning QR code in the English user manual or product. Body mass index (BMI)BMI is closely related to the total body fat index, the index is considered weight and height two factors. BMI is simple and practical, it can reflect systemic overweight and obesity. Measure the overweight body, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, it is more accurate than simple body weight.BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) The BIA technology allows you to easily calculate your body fitness by imputing information of gender, height, age, activity level and your weight. In bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal though your body fat and then measures the resistance the signal encounters. This signal is perfectly safe and will not be felt. Warm PromptThe YUNMAI products can not be sold to UK, USA and South Korea since they have local exclusive agent there. If your order contains YUNMAI products, you can not pay unless you remove them. $39.95

YUNMAI Mini Smart Fat Scales-39.95

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