ALONG CAM — 2002 Video Recorder-262.77 $

ALONG CAM - 2002 Video Recorder-262.77 $

ALONG CAM-2002 police recorder, setting digital video and digital camera in one; recording dynamic and…

ALONG CAM-2002 police recorder, setting digital video and digital camera in one; recording dynamic and static scene digitally. It’s small and lightweight, flexible to use. With IP68 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and anti-drop capabilities. Besides, the function of infrared night vision in long distance guarantees clear images at night condition. Built-in 32G memory card to store 10 hours video data. Practical for law enforcement staff, outdoor enthusiasts and another person. Main Features- Functions Digital video, digital camera, apply to various occasions- IP68 professional waterproof and dustproof standard. It doesn’t matter when dropped down from 3m high or soak for 2 hours at depth of 1m, suitable for outdoor hostile environments- 1080P high definition , providing you with clear images- 156 degrees angle lens, you can observe more in wide field- Infrared night vision function guarantees normal work in darkness- 20m effective distance, practical to use- GPS / BDS dual positioning system- Built-in 32G memory card to store 10 hours video data- Built-in WIFI for wireless smart collection of data- File encryption function to guarantee the safety of information- APP controlDevice Function1. Display battery, GPS, date and time, remaining memory, recording time and the number of media files2. Record 1920 x 1080 (30fps), 1280 x 720 (30fps), 720 x 480 (30fps) resolution video3. The standby function (1 minute off-screen)4. Infrared capabilities, and recorded video and photo shoot for monochrome5. IR can be automatically or manually opening6. Video, audio and photos can be played back, playback speed is (x 2, x 4, x8, x 16, x 32, x 64 fast forward / rewind)7. Silent mode (turn off all beep)8. Replaceable battery can be charged directly9. Set the device ID and password for binding10. Compatible with different memory size of the memory card11. The device can simultaneously access multiple PC12. Navigation GPS / BDS satellites compatible when optional +13. WIFI function Connecting to the mobile phone14. Support 2.4G wireless remote control15. A single memory cell single record 6-8 hours of standard definition video16. File protection17. A button to record video and snapshots, and tone18. Charging, video recording status indicator19. Built-in log file20. IP68 standard21. The focal length 0.5m to infinity22. Support the PC to read the firmware current version number23. The image and photos prompt on / off24. The video and photo labeled with User ID, location, date/time and device ID25. Recover no stored video when suddenly losing power26. 50Hz and 60Hz light frequency adaptable27. Standard USB 2.0 interface28. Easy installation and removal of battery $262.77

ALONG CAM - 2002 Video Recorder-262.77

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