JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-399.00 $

JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-399.00 $

Brief IntroductionThis is JISIWEI S+, the first vacuum cleaning robot with a built-in camera and WiFi…

Brief IntroductionThis is JISIWEI S+, the first vacuum cleaning robot with a built-in camera and WiFi S+ is different with traditional vacuum cleaning robot, it can be remotely controlled to protect and clean home. S+ looks very simple and classy. With a dual-mode anti-scratching system, auto-recharging, seven cleaning paths, and IMD material cover, S+ is ideal for vacuuming and sweeping. The built-in camera can show any suspicious activity or event in a home to its owner who can remotely keep an eye on his home. S+ is a great child or pet monitor that you can view from across the globe.Main Features• WiFi and APP remote control More convenient to control and use. Suitable for IOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.2 or above. • 1080P HD Web camera 1080P high definition footage, the definition is 3 times higher than ordinary cameras.• 3-Stage cleaning System agitatesAutomatically Cleaning, vacuuming ,mopping.• Self rechargingWhen the power is about to run out, the sweeper can back to recharge with IR induction.• Intelligent drop avoidance induction IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid the dropping, it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor.• TPU anti-collision systemIt will better protect the furniture.• Smart video functionYou can view your home, favorite places, and loved ones from anywhere, anytime on your smart phone.  • Smart voice reminderWith sound module design, when the APP connecting, recharging, cleaning, there will be a voice prompt.• 120 degree wide view angle lens Meet your different needs.• Large storage tank  500ml dust storage tank. • Timer function You can schedule your working plan.• LCD displayWith the bright back light screen, showing time, Wi-Fi signal, cleaning mode and so on. It shows the working status in dark night.• High suction Strong power for efficient cleaning, easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of PM2.5.• Multi cleaning modes Automatic cleaning, edge cleaning, timing cleaning and regular daily cleaning modes. • Suitable variety of environmentsEasy to deal with all kinds of dust, hair, no dead ends. Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc..• Climbing capacityIt can climb 15 degrees slope height, never impede by slight slope in your home.• Less than 45dB low noise muteEasy to help you solve the noise problem, provide a quiet environment for you.• 8.5cm slim design Enable this cleaner to work in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corner.• Remote control distance About 7 meters.• The charging time About 4 hrs.• Working time About 2 — 3hrs. • Using area About 50 — 200 square meters.Notice Scan the QR code on the English user manual. $399.00

JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-399.00

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